Aquaculture farming – Effectiveness of aquaculture farms

In recent years, the model of aquaculture farming  production has developed remarkably. It is helping people expand the scale of agricultural production goods, improve productivity. To compete in the market mechanism, contributing to the sustainable development of countries.

The development of aquaculture farming  is a trend. That is focused on the production of many farmers. It is creating ecological balance, protecting the environment and developing the sustainable aquaculture.


Aquaculture farming are a new development model moving from small-scale production to large-scale commodity production in association with the market. As a prerequisite for the development of the aquatic product processing industry.

1. Which area is good for aquaculture farming 

Those places have long coast strengths. Many lakes and bays are convenient for exploitation and aquaculture of marine and brackish water in the coastal areas.

Developing countries are developing aquatic products to replace natural aquatic resources are gradually dwindling. Aquaculture farming exploit the area of ​​coastal accretion, rocky cliffs, lotus ponds, sea surface … to put into effective production and business.

The area of ​​aquaculture farming is increasing. The diversified aquaculture and marine product are exploitation. The land surface and water surface are arranged more appropriately. Many ponds, lakes, marshes and mudflats have been rehabilitated into aquaculture areas. It is contributing to improving the efficiency of land use. Aquaculture farming have attracted and created jobs for thousands of workers in rural and island areas.

Aquaculture farming have increased rapidly over the years. It develops the fisheries sector in general and the aquaculture farm economy in particular. Countries are investing more money and adopting advanced science and technology into aquaculture.

However, aquaculture farming in particular are still difficult and limited. Specifically, the relationship between production and service of production, processing and marketing are still need to improve. The factors of land, labor, science and technology, infrastructure for production, processing and consumption are still difficult.

For the province’s fisheries sector in general and aquaculture farming in particular is develop more strongly. In addition to well implementing the planning of farming areas and reasonable allocation for each species. The countries should continue to and improving the infrastructure and equipment of the hatcheries. For example invest on led lighting aquaculture to make fish grow faster.

2. Performing synchronous solutions for aquaculture farming 

Want to increase the good result for aquaculture farming . What we need to do are:

  • Adopt preferential loan mechanism in terms of capital and loan term for farms to invest in expanding scale and intensive aquaculture farming
  • Promote the transfer and application of scientific and technical advances and new technologies in production in aquaculture farming 
  • Intensify the training, technical fostering and knowledge of production and business management for farm owners and farm laborers
  • Strengthen forms of cooperation in production, processing and marketing of products
  • Production must be associated with environmental protection, resources, epidemic prevention
  • Expand the processing and preservation of aquatic products.
  • Particularly interested in expanding the market and consuming products.
  • Invest in building production establishments, supplying foodstuff, medicines for prevention and combat of aquatic epidemics.
  • Regular inspection and supervision of quality and origin.
  • There should be a combination of specialized agencies to encourage producers to gradually migrate from the use of trash fish to industrial feed, contributing to the reduction of capture fisheries, avoid depletion of aquatic resources.

If the above factors are to be achieved, the aquaculture farm economy in particular and the fisheries sector in general will truly become the spearhead economic sector in local agricultural production, contributing to the effective implementation. Sustainable growth model that the province has been building.

It is hope that countries will recognize the great benefits of aquaculture. From there, the investment is worthwhile to promote the efficiency of aquaculture farms. In order to create rich and safe aquatic resources for the world.

Trang Vu

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