Aquaculture open ocean cave – what is that?

You are investing on aquaculture farming? You also looking for some thing to make fish grow faster? All information you need will be in this article. 

Aquaculture open ocean cave are good place to make an aquaculture farm. But inside then big open ocean how can you make fish grow faster to increase fish weight? Lets find the answer for that good question in this article.


If you have large cage farms then what is the best solution to increase fish weight at aquaculture open ocean cave? Let’s find out.

1. Led aquaculture lighting is the best solution for aquaculture open ocean cave farms.

Use AQUA SUB POWER SUN and AQUA SMART POWER SUN underwater. These lamps are made for the rough environment below the water.
Light distribution of the lamps ensures you the even light which is vital in all sizes tanks or on larger farms.
Warranty on lamps are between 3 to 6 years, lamps will be supplied with standard cable length of 25 meter, if need longer cables can be supplied to suit any cage size and depths.
You can control the light with softstart, DALI, 1-10V dimming or PWM dimming to stress the fish less and make the best conditions.
Lamps are developed for salmon, cod and other fast grow species that benefit from more light and for smolts and juveniles in small tanks.

2. What is good of Led aquaculture lighting for aquaculture open ocean cave farms

Let’s see what is good of led lighting aquaculture  for aquaculture open ocean cave:

  • Increase your days and season with artificial SUN Power.
  • Get better feed conversion.
  • Reduce sexual maturation.
  • Reduce your fish mortality.
  • Get Sea lice reduction.
  • Better green policy; more energy efficiency and lower maintains costs.

Get more info here or contact SuFlux ApS to get more details about it.

3. Where else can use led lighting aquaculture 

If you have led aquaculture lighting you also can use it for:

  • Seafood farming
  • Land-based seafood farming
  • Aquafarm
  • Yellowtail Kingfish

This is the right thing to invest on. It will help to make better live environment for fish. From there fish will grow faster and heavier for each one. To get more information about aquaculture open ocean cave, please contact SunFlux ApS.  Our pleasure to share with you all information about aquaculture open ocean cave.

Trang Vu

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